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Services: Complete day services

Complete day services

Our day services are available from 9.30am to 4.00pm each week day with additional opportunities at weekends by arrangement. A range of activities are offered that are intended to promote skills in everyday living environments.

Our Assure Healthcare Group amenities include:

A Day services Complex with a fully operational catering/kitchen facility where individuals can learn basic cooking skills, taking them from making a cup of tea or coffee to preparing a favourite meal in their own apartment, thus helping our service users to learn independence.

An Arts & Crafts Centre will offer painting, pottery, knitting, and woodworking, general mechanical repairs as well as instruction in everyday skills such as washing, ironing, sewing and cleaning.

A large Community Area providing a stage for drama classes and life skills and which can be transformed into a social area for such events as discos and “Come-and-Meet” sessions, with pool table, games and other activities.

Special arrangements can also be made for individuals whose needs and talents take them outside the home environment for such pursuits as horse-riding, hydro therapy, swimming and gymnastics.


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