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Frequently asked questions.

Questions that are commonly asked of us by local health authorities, social workers and families of service users can be found here. Should you have questions not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

QDo you use physical intervention? If so, when?


If a service user presents an imminent threat to themselves, another service user or a member of staff, physical intervention may be used as a last-resort means of de-escalation. Although physical intervention is rarely required, it is administered to diffuse aggression, not to cause physical harm.

Our care home staff will always be trained in SCIP (Strategies for Crisis Intervention Prevention) procedures and we always implement control & restraint techniques first, where able to do so. You may find a description of the Positive Bevahiour Support from the Hampshire County Council website that provides a summary of SCIP here: Behavioural support.

In our care homes, we always endeavor to identify the triggers that preface aggression and diffuse these situations before they happen.

QWhat kind of care homes do you have?


Our homes are designed to be modern and providing large, comfortable, individual accommodation. Most of our rooms have en suite services, kitchen and living area together with bedroom.

QDo you provide day services?


Yes, we provide them for our service users as it is an important part of their realizing quality of life benefits. When it comes online in January, 2016, our Northbrook supported-living care home will have a variety of on-site day services to all all of Assure’s care homes.

QWhat kind of training do you do?


We provide online training (through Greymatter Learning) specific to our care environment for all members of staff in our homes. This is alongside face to face training courses such as Team Teach and Safeguarding. Training is especially important as residents in our homes often show challenging behaviours and it is crucial to the environment that everyone is safe and comfortable. We are only able to achieve this through comprehensive, structured training.

QWhy should I place an individual needing residential care home services with you?


Because we provide outstanding care to our service users. We treat everyone that lives or works in our care homes the same as our own family. We operate with transparency and we’re completely honest with every stakeholder. We understand our business is caring for vulnerable people and we endeavor to help each of them achieve as much independence as possible.

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