Our ethos

Skills, Knowledge, Understanding & Care

At Assure Healthcare Group, you’re Home for Life  

Within our organization, we are motivated professional care workers with vast experience building on the smallest outcomes, celebrating all achievements and ensuring that the service user grows independently to be the best they can be. This continually motivates our staff teams.

As part of our ethos, it is our mandate that every service user that comes into our care is Home for Life. No matter a service user’s age when placed in an Assure Healthcare service, we endeavor to never end their placement. We will work as a professional care family to achieve outcomes and promote independence to ensure that service users in our care are able to become the best they can be, whilst ensuring good work/life balance for staff teams.

As part of our Statement of Purpose, we share risk with placement authorities, with the service users and their family.

In doing so, we promise to take every measure possible to ensure that a service user in our care makes individual progress. This could mean changing care teams, environment, retainer of specialist professionals – we promise to share risk, communicate to ensure the Home for Life commitment can be achieved, providing our “we” around all service users, regardless of age.

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